Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mural Proposal selected!

I've been selected to create a new mural for the Veterans Memorial Park Band Shell in Montana's State Capitol, the City of Helena. I'm excited about this for two reasons: First, I'll have the opportunity to create a large public art work that will add meaning to an existing structure; Second, the mural site is one of high daily visibility to not only people using the park but also passing motorists (both local and tourist.)

The imagery in the band shell represent three Helena iconic structures: Historic Fire Tower, the Capitol building's dome and St. Anne's Cathedral. On the wing walls are: On the left wall, a cavalry soldier with flag (Ft Harrison is across the street from the band shell) and the pick/shovel/gold pan (a subject also on Montana's state flag); On the right wall a WWII soldier with flag and the sod busting plow (also a subject on Montana's state flag--and like the pick and shovel, allude to different eras important to the state's history.) The band shell, not counting the two wing walls, is 48 ft across the opening.
(To access a larger view of this sketch, click the image above.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sidelines of History

This video is one of those interesting tidbits I find while researching art projects. For more information visit Vojtek - WWII Soldier Bear