Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Veterans Memorial Park Band Shell Mural work got underway last week! After plenty of washing, scraping and sanding the entire shell was primed. Then the "sky" area of the shell got it's coat of light warm gray; it has just a touch of pinkish to it so it takes on a different color appearance depending on the time of day.
Here is a link to an article and related video in the Helena (Montana) newspaper where you can see the old mural that I am covering up:
I don't know how long the newspaper leaves their article/video links online, so check this one out soon.
Here's a photo of the primer being applied (Nathan operating the airless sprayer and me doing the rolling to even out the spray.

And here is a photo of the band shell all primed and with the sky pinkish gray painted in the shell.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oscar the Bionic Cat

Well, this is a blog site about my art, but I found this series of videos to be of enough interest, that I thought I'd share them here. They are about a two-year old cat named Oscar whose hind legs are cut off in a farm accident. The videos document the medical marvel that gives back Oscar's mobility and life.

Here's a video that shows Oscar his with his first proto-type legs/paws; The veterinarian's comment at the end is especially touching:
Oscar's First Bionic Feet

Here's a video giving some information about the medical procedure that gave Oscar his bionic legs/paws;

Here's a video that shows Oscar with his permanent "legs" (as opposed to the proto-type legs shown in the first video with the veterinarian: