Sunday, January 25, 2009

This painting, "Anchored in a Sea of Grass" is one of six works I recently entered into the Montana Triennial Exhibition. Hoping this or is selected for inclusion (or, better yet, ALL of the entered works). There was quite a bit of interest in this painting at it's exhibition venues last fall, so I feel good about its chances for selection. Lots of layering of brush marks and colors---it has a watercolor feel but with stronger pure color.


  1. What a beautiful painting--it really seems to capture all the wind & motion just perfectly. Good luck, I hope it gets selected! :-)

  2. An update on this particular painting ("Anchored in a Sea of Grass"). It was not selected for the Montana Triennial Exhibition. BUT it was later selected for the 34th Annual Invitational Auction for Custer Co. Art Center, Miles City, MT. It was purchased by a private collector.