Friday, January 1, 2010

"Cloud Deity"

Even though the subject of "Cloud Deity" is a building thunderhead, I find this a peaceful work to gaze upon, in part because it is essentially a memory of late summer recalled in the studio as winter is tightening it's grip outside. I frequently shift the sky hue on either side of a cloud. Sometimes the shift is subtle; other times drastic. My small paintings, such as "Cloud Deity" (5 x 7 inch), are usually driven by the sky. I think the small format of these works causes viewers to acknowledge his/her own small presence on the land form in the painting while at the same time the sky is portrayed in a manner that speaks of it's overwhelming expanse.


  1. Has anyone bought this one? Oh, the word "empty" to me means freedom, space, possibility, light. It's a good thing. Beautiful work. I love it.

  2. Martha,
    "Cloud Deity" is available. I completed it just recently and the posting here is the first time it's been "out" of the studio.

  3. How much is this painting? I still love it. The colors in the sky -- the blue and yellow -- seem to come right from Goethe's theory of colors based on his observation of just this, I guess.