Saturday, August 7, 2010

Band Shell Mural Project - Helena, MT

Here is the band shell project at Day Eight of painting (not counting the three days of prep work to get the surface ready.)

A close-up photo of the capitol dome. The forms are simplified to facilitate "reading" the imagery from a considerable distance across the park and from the surrounding streets---which is what the Call For Proposals specified.

This photo gives some idea of just how big this band shell is. The scissor lift is extended to it's full height so Nathan can reach the outer most arches to apply the blue paint.

 This photo captures the effect of the setting sun on the cathedral image in the band shell. Note the capitol dome image in the shadow. In my original proposal for the project, I'd stated that quality of light and its effect on the mural was something I considered when I opted to do the work in a gray scale. I'd also opted for the gray scale because one of the requirements of the project was that the imagery below the band shell wainscot walls be "neutral" so as not to visually interfere with performers on stage. The cathedral image was not completed as of this photo.

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