Friday, December 9, 2011

YEE HA! Pronghorns at a run!

Today was clear sky, gusty wind and sunny, though not much above freezing (high for the day was 36 degrees Fahrenheit.) Perfect for a drive over some local gravel roads, as the surface is frozen.
Just northeast of town About 35 miles northeast of town (less by air) was a large herd of Pronghorn Antelope. Filming from the vehicle, I "captured" about half the herd on video. They were really flying! The truck was moving at about 40 mph. The second video below is of the group that split to the right at the end of the first video. Estimate there were at least 200 antelope in this herd.

Typical of camera work, objects (in this case the antelope) always look farther away than they actually were. Still, the video is a nice treasure to remember the day.
Give the video sufficient time to load. Enjoy!  (P.S.--lick on the start arrow at the bottom of each video. If the video blocks below are black, refresh the page from your tool bar (refresh is the little circle arrow at the right of the address line at the top of your window/screen.)

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