Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Serigraph (silkscreen) Commission in progress

Here are updates for colors number 10 and number 11. I'm happy with the way the rocks are coming out. One more color to represent the surfaces of rock that are sunlit and then the distant landscape and the mountain sheep will be tackled next. This has been a little slower-going than I'd hoped as I'm having to fit this project into a full schedule with other projects in progress as well.

(Above) The serigraph at the 10 Color stage.
(Below) The serigraph at the 11 Color stage.  Just one more color for the foreground and middle ground rocks and then on to the background landscape! Nice to finally see the foreground ram starting to take shape, even if it is only because the color field around him is what is being printed.

(Above) The serigraph at the 10 Color stage.

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