Sunday, July 17, 2011

Urban Tree Branch - Black Cat

This painting is shown here in-progress, though I don't feel like there is much, if anything, more to paint or adjust. I rather like it just the way it is and feel like maybe all it needs most is my signature. I title this one "Urban Tree Branch" because it reminds me of how the big wild cats will drape themselves on tree branches to either snooze or keep an eye on everything below. It is oil paint on stretched canvas and measures 14 x 18 inches.  Click on any of the images to see them larger.

This painting is very loosely done and also very loosely based on a small photo reference. As always, I free-hand sketched with a number 4 filbert brush and blue/red paint. Like the little Calico kitten I posted previously, this study is done on one of my existing paintings, in this case one of my "warm-up" paintings. Below are a couple of close-ups of details from this work.

I like the accidental overlays and adjustments that happen when I work quickly, as I did with this painting. And of course, the underlying painting contributes something to the work as well. I used titanium white and just three colors here: naples yellow, ultramarine blue, and venetian red. No black.

The cat's outstretched leg and paw would seem "unfinished" but in this stage it also is highly suggestive of motion. Something for me to think about -- do I refine it more or leave it as it is. I'm inclined to do the latter.

In this last detail view, the hind side of the cat is very sketchy in appearance too. The tail pinched against the legs or partially hidden in the pink cloth that is covering the back of the upholstered sofa. Accent pillows are propped on the sofa's back and make a more interesting backdrop for the cat rather than a blank wall.

Ten days ago I started with no paintings of cats. Now I have close to 40. Gradually I will post more of these works on this blog.

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