Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Cat named Emmy

Well this cat is named Emmy. Not Emily, but still a whole lot closer than Bonnie! Refer to my previous post to see what that's about.
Black cats interest me for plenty of reasons, including the visual reality that black cats are not really black. And that suits me just fine in the studio because I don't use black paint. The "blacks" that are in my paintings are mixtures of deep blues and earthy reds such as Sienna or Venetian Red. Sometimes a Cobalt Violet works well.
At any rate, here is a black cat named Emmy. This is a simple small work still in-progress but not much else will be done to it - perhaps I'll look at it in the studio tomorrow and decide that all it really needs is my signature. I free-hand sketched Emmy with a number 4 brush in oil paint on a 6 by 6 inch (15.24 x 15.24 cm) canvas paper. The camera did not pick up the pinkish background color very well, so I will post this work again when the paint is dry enough to put the painting on the scanner (which always shows colors the most accurate when compared to the actual work.)
NOTE: Since posting this, the painting has been finished/signed and so I've replaced the in-progress photos that were in this post with images of the painting by directly scanning -- and so colors are closer to the actual painting.

Detail photo reveals more of the blues, violets and reds that combine to give the overall visual effect of "black".
Click on the photos to for larger format.

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