Friday, August 12, 2011

Cat with checkered past

Another good evening session in the studio. I got the painting of Thomas Big Eater close to being finished and also started another painting -- this one is of a cat called Little Kitty. The "biography" of this cat has a twist not found in any of the other cats so far: Little Kitty has been homeless and in foster care for close to two years but her initial cause of homelessness was the misfortune of having had an owner who was sentenced to a jail term. Poor kitty! This is a very beautiful cat that has multiple colors but also some tabby stripes, such as the "necklace" rings on the neck and chest. This painting is only in the beginning stage, but off to a good start. The floor tile and background are invented directly on the canvas with no reference material. And, as always, free-hand drawn with paint and brush.

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