Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two more Cats

Monday was a productive day in the studio. I finished a small cat portrait and wrapped up a study for a larger work but really like the way the study came out.
The first image below is of Keesje, a cat who passed away earlier this summer at the age of 18 years old. I decided to place Keesje in a patch of poppies. The flowers add bright colors in contrast to the cat's black and white coat. The poppies, as with all flowers, symbolize spring/summer and are generally associated with life or renewal of life. I started this 8 by 11 inch (20.32 cm x 27.94 cm) painting on canvas paper with the intent that it would be a study to solve some compositional concerns before committing to a larger canvas. But what started out as a study very quickly became a painting. When I look at this painting again tomorrow, I may decide it is finished. Click on the image for larger view.

The next painting is also on canvas paper. The subject is KO, a senior cat who appears to have something of the Maine Coon breed. A very pretty pastel-like color and lovely eyes. This painting is small - just 4 by 5 inches (10.16 cm x 12.7 cm.) The view as it appears below is close to the actual size. Click image and the detail image for larger views.

NOTE: Since posting this, the painting of KO has been finished/signed and so I've replaced the in-progress photos that were in this post with images of the painting by directly scanning -- and so colors are closer to the actual painting. The painting of Keesje will be updated too when that work is also finished/signed.

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  1. You made a wonderful portrait of Keesje, Carol. The combination with the poppies is really great. Thank you so much.