Thursday, January 12, 2012

Long Thin Road

Mr. Lightfoot (Gordon ta dem dat know's 'im) may sing about the "Long Thin Dawn" but here's one for a long thin road. This windshield view is heading east to Lewistown. I'd spent the day, first at Surprise Creek Hutterite Colony and then at Geyser School, teaching art. This photo (above) was taken on the fly somewhere just east of Stanford (No, I don't know what mile marker it was---gotta keep my eye on the road, ya know!) I've long liked this stretch of blacktop. It's one of the few places to have two lanes in the uphill (west-bound) lane. See all the traffic? And it's rush hour too!

This next photo was taken just a little bit farther down the road but before Moccasin. I had to stop and get out for this one. (click on any of the photos for a larger view.) I like the way sunset turns snow to pink on the east horzon. The mountains in this photo are the Big Snowies.

And for the grand finale, one last view of the setting sun. I'm not skilled at sideview mirror photography, so this was a stop too.) This is looking west, as the sun sets behind the Belt Mountains.

Hope you enjoy the views! The land and skyscapes are what keep the drive fresh every time, no matter how many times I've traveled the route before---it is always "new again."

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