Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Wilson's Bed of Roses" - a painting in-progress

Again, it has been a while since I last posted here. I've been posting more on my Facebook business page but I've wondered if I should be posting parallel entries here. I also have a  regular website that I'm updating, and I'm going into my third year with a shop on Etsy. For now, anyone wanting to see my most recent painting activity might want to check out my Facebook business page at

Things have been super busy in the studio with several oil paintings approaching finish. And when I'm not in the studio or researching/writing proposals for public art projects, I'm teaching art once a month at each of several rural schools here in central Montana.

Here is the latest work in-progress (Saturday evening's studio session.) I've titled it "Wilson's Rose Bed" for the cat who inspired this. Wilson is an older cat who is missing his left front leg -- making him a special needs feline when it comes to adoption.
The painting is not yet finished (no whiskers and a few other details yet to come) but is at a stage that I'd like to share. First photo is the entire work thus far (it is oil on stretched canvas, 16 x 18 inches.)  The four photos after are details. Click on photos to see larger version. Enjoy!

(Above) The fabric Wilson is sitting on (and the rose he "holds") is invented at the easel. I feel like this could be a bed with the blankets turned down and this is a flower print sheet - his "rose bed."

(Above & Below) I built up multiple layers of paint over several weeks (months, really, since I usually have several works in-progress at any given time, so the rotation through can take weeks) The effect approaches capturing atmosphere/light and is especially evident around Wilson's ears.


(Below) I enjoy making details in a work by pulling on my memory of various objects, in this case a simple single rose.

Eyes are my favorite part of any portrait (animals and people too) and Wilson's eyes are compelling enough to make you almost not notice that I've yet to add his whiskers.

My last post, immediately prior to this one, was in January. To access it, click 2013/January in the Blog Archive in the right column on this page to view Clark Kent Super Kitty or click this word: Clark


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